• Protective wire mesh

    Steel mesh protected with mesh shapes square, rectangular, diamond ... design combines solid steel fence bracket, work flexibility.

    Protective wire mesh

    Gratings protected under professional engineering design combines the flexibility of multi-functional characteristics, good quality steel, optimum bearing properties, long service life when used in any environment.

    Protective wire mesh

    Composed products
    * The thickness of 0.5- 0.8mm steel mesh door
    * Mesh about 4cm
    * Conductors about 3mm
    * Shape Grid: lozenges, squares, rectangles ...
    * To screen door, fence fixed, we design firm attach the cylinder rod horizontal, vertical steel tube
    * Colour: steel gray


    Protective wire mesh

    Premium features Vietnam
    * Is durable and beautiful
    * Limit rust
    * High flexibility, can base ever need to adjust the structure, size and shape the steel mesh door
    * Raw materials constitute substandard imported steel deformation limiting factor when external force
    * Cost savings build cement fence, steel
    * Product Warranty: 7 years


    Protective wire mesh


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